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  • Vargas-Elías, Guillermo A.; Corrêa, Paulo C.; Souza, Natália R. de; Baptestini, Fernanda M.; Melo, Evandro de C. (Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola, 2016-03)
    Roasting is one of the most complex coffee processing steps due to simultaneous transfers of heat and mass. During this process, beans lose mass because of fast physical and chemical changes that will set color and flavor ...
  • Corrêa, Paulo C.; Oliveira, Gabriel H. H. de; Oliveira, Ana P. L. R. de; Vargas-Elías, Guillermo A.; Santos, Fábio L.; Baptestini, Fernanda M. (Departamento de Engenharia Agrícola - UFCG, 2016-06)
    The present study evaluates the influence of the level of roasting and the grind size on the moisture content and repose angle of coffee during storage. Raw coffee beans (Coffea canephora and Coffea arabica), hulled and ...

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